10 Best Places to Visit in Connecticut

Divided in two by the Connecticut River that runs through it, the state of Connecticut is a lovely location to check out that is all too often ignored by site visitors, that rather head to nearby New york city or Boston. This implies that you can see the authentic side of New England without the groups, and also there definitely is a great deal for you to experience.

As it was among the original 13 colonies, the state is house to many of the country’s earliest communities as well as settlements. Because of this, there is a myriad of interesting historic vacationer destinations and also cultural sites, with a lot of the best areas to check out in Connecticut connect to the location’s rich seafaring past.

With a number of its major cities to be located on the Long Island Noise, there is a lovely stretch of scenic coastline for you to find, while lots of excellent state parks lie waiting in its interior.

1. Hammonasset Beach State Park
House to the largest coastline in the state, Hammonasset Coastline State Park is a great place to head to if you simply want to sit back, relax, as well as lounge on its welcoming sands while absorbing some rays. Although it is a prominent location to go to, especially in summer, there is ample sand to go around: there is an extremely relaxed and enjoyable feel to it, as it never ever obtains too crowded.

In addition to its large coastline, the state park has loads of delightful entertainment activities for you to delight in, with biking, hiking, as well as camping all popular pastimes. Its serene waters lend themselves perfectly to swimming, angling, and also boating.

While going to Hammonasset Beach State Park, it is well worth coming by the Meigs Factor Nature Center to explore its deep sea marshes and also behold a few of the attractive birds as well as wild animals that call the location house.

2. Gillette Castle State Park
Very excellent and also unique to behold, Gillette Castle was made as well as constructed in between 1914 and also 1919 by the star William Gillette, after who it is called. Now a prominent vacationer location, the “medieval castle” once worked as his private residence, and also the inside is equally as special as well as unique to stare upon as its outside.

Inside is full of outstanding treasures and also curiosity, such as sculpted wooden light buttons as well as Steampunk-like door locks with secret doors, paths, and custom-built furnishings likewise on show.

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Spreading out far from the castle is a wonderful state park packed with stylish yards as well as lovely forest, with great deals of great hiking tracks for you to stroll along. Sights from the castle of the bordering premises are just sensational.

3. Norwalk
Resting on the banks of the Norwalk River, simply a stone’s throw away from the Atlantic Sea, the community of the exact same name boasts a proud maritime history. It’s along its collapsing yet vibrant waterside that you can discover a lot of its piece de resistances.

While there are great deals of stores, restaurants, and also bars for you to explore, along with a number of galleries as well as art facility, the unquestionable highlight is its aquarium, which is house to lots of brightly colored fish and also marine animals. There’s additionally an IMAX movie theater available.

As a result of its proximity to New York, you can quickly enter as well as out of the city in a snap in any way, as well as New Sanctuary isn’t far away if you intend to merely stop by Norwalk on your way from one to the other.

4. Silver Sands State Park
Found on Long Island Noise in the city of Milford, Silver Sands State Park encompasses a big range of various landscapes and also communities; timbers, marshes, dunes, and also beaches are all found embracing the Atlantic Sea shoreline. The wild as well as tough views is lovely, as well as there are loads of wonderful hiking trails for you to explore that meander their means with the state park.

A delightful area to take a picnic or go swimming in the sea, Silver Sands State Park has a very relaxed feel to it, and lots of different sorts of birds can be seen swirling in the cool breeze that sweeps in from the Atlantic.

While it can be tempting to go across the sandbar to the far-off Charles Island, make sure to inspect when the tides are, as you don’t intend to be left stranded there overnight!

5. Stamford
Because of its closeness to New York, Stamford is house to lots of huge corporations and a number of Fortune 500 business. In recent times, this has actually helped see a rise in great eating choices, with great deals of fantastic stores and bars likewise popping up.

Lying along the Long Island Sound coast, the state’s third-largest city is a pleasant location to spend some time. Roaming around its midtown area feels like you’re in New York itself as a result of its dynamic feel and also multicultural make-up.

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There is certainly a lot for you to see as well as perform in Stamford, with plenty of entertainment activities, parks, and coastlines for you to have a look at Cove Island Park as well as Cummings Park. Along with this, the southernmost part of the city, Shippan Factor, has some outstanding architecture, along with great views of Long Island.

6. Stonington
Founded right back in 1662, the village of Stonington is extremely the earliest settlement in Connecticut and also is well worth seeing if you’re trying to find a quiet, serene getaway.

As it is located on an indented stretch of coastline with both Mason’s Island and Fischer’s Island lying not also much offshore, it needs to come as no surprise to discover that Stonington flaunts a rich maritime background. Among its piece de resistances is its gorgeous old lighthouse that once cautioned anglers of the treacherous coast ahead.

With great deals of old sea captain’s cottages additionally on show, the town is really captivating to wander around and boasts wonderful views out over the sea. On top of all this, several vineyards can be located in the location; it is well worth trying a few of the area’s tasty regional wines and also create if you have the opportunity.

7. New London
Because of its strategic area at the mouth of the Thames River, just where the Long Island Audio meets the Atlantic Ocean, New London has actually long been an important seaport, as well as this abundant seafaring past appears wherever you go in community.

While its heyday has actually long been and also gone, there is still great deals of amazing architecture spread about occasionally. The United States Coast Guard Academy and US Naval Submarine Base are still located in the area.

The city’s single wealth is still evident in some parts of New London, with intriguing historical views and cultural landmarks connected to its whaling previous and also essential duty during the American War Of Independence all on display.

8. Mystic
A popular place to visit in Connecticut amongst both locals and travelers alike, the historic port of Mystic is full of wonderful points to see as well as do, as well as its beautiful harbor actually is picture-perfect.

Straddling the financial institutions of the Mystic River, the town used to be one of the most essential shipbuilding ports and also whaling centers in the nation– thus, riches poured in from throughout the United States.

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Because of this, there is some lovely architecture nestled together with its numerous waterways, with stunning marinas filled with yachts and also watercrafts also on program. Mystic’s rich maritime heritage really radiates via wherever you go; its remarkable Port Gallery is not only the most preferred attraction in town, but the state at large. It is likewise well worth looking into the town’s great fish tank and the impressive historical vessels that are tied up in port.

9. Hartford
The state funding of Connecticut, Hartford exists at the center of the Understanding Passage, which stretches to Springfield in Massachusetts. Overall, there are a remarkable 29 colleges and universities found in the area, with around 120,000 trainees divided between them.

Certainly, the city has actually always been carefully attached to finding out and also the composed word. Its once-thriving posting sector attracted such distinguished names as Mark Twain and Harriet Beecher Stowe to Hartford.

Along with visiting fascinating museums devoted to the life and also jobs of these popular authors, site visitors can additionally appreciate the many spectacular old buildings found around town. Amongst one of the most impressive are the attractive State Capitol, Old State Home, as well as the Governor’s House.

As it is just one of the oldest cities in the entire of the United States, there are loads of significant historical views as well as social sites spread around Hartford for visitors to look into.

10. New Sanctuary
The second-largest city in Connecticut, New Sanctuary is renowned for being residence to the prestigious Yale University; its wide range of remarkable buildings and pretty parks are what most people pertain to see. Taking a trip around the 300-year-old school is merely a must. It has a superb art gallery in addition to some great galleries, monuments, and collections.

While a lot of New Sanctuary’s piece de resistances are discovered at the Yale College university, it is well worth venturing additional afield, as there are great deals of excellent stores, dining establishments, and also bars to be discovered around its dynamic downtown location.

Along with this, the close-by state parks of West Rock and Sleeping Huge offer up a variety of great outside activities, with hiking and cycling being specifically popular. All in all, New Sanctuary is a terrific place to check out with a great deal going for it.

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