10 Best Places to Visit in Friesland, Netherlands

Lying in the north of the nation as well as bordering the North Sea, which is home to the windswept West Frisian Islands, Friesland is a distinct place to see in the Netherlands, as it proudly sports its very own rich society and heritage.

This is evident in its lovely towns and also villages, where West Frisian is spoken along with Dutch. Subsequently, traveling around the region feels really various from the remainder of the country.

Prominent for its lovely nature, Friesland is residence to lots of shimmering lakes and also rugged islands, that make for some amazing walking as well as cruising. Background and society are likewise on offer, with communities such as Hindeloopen and also Leeuwarden especially worth looking into. Discover this commonly neglected part of the country with our listing of the best places to see in Friesland.

1. Stavoren
The oldest city in Friesland, Stavoren rests on the coasts of the Ijsselmeer and also is a really pleasant location to invest a day or 2. While life in the tiny city mostly revolves around its attractive harbor and waterside, there is some beautiful architecture to be discovered further inland, together with its various canals and also rivers.

Due to the sheer amount of water in the region, there are lots of terrific outside activities for you to try; many individuals go cruising on the lake or treking around the close-by wetlands. With a really laidback feel, Stavoren is a terrific location to head to if you’re seeking a silent, tranquil getaway.

2. Workum
Found just inland from the glimmering Ijsselmeer, the town of Workum is mostly known for being residence to a wonderful gallery that is committed to the life and also jobs of the musician Jopie Huisman.

As a lot of his jobs portray basic Frisian life– such as country ranch scenes and also regional landscapes– the gallery is well worth checking out if you wish to get a better understanding as well as recognition for Friesland’s abundant social heritage and also identification.

Besides its museum, Workum has a wonderful facility for you to stroll about, as well as there is lots of spectacular design to discover next to charming cafes and dining establishments.

3. Sneek
As it lies right at the heart of the Frisian Lakes district, Sneek is the ideal area to check out if you want to go sailing; a wide variety of waterways, canals, as well as bridges punctured the center of town. Established completely back in the 10th century, Sneek is home to lots of lovely old structures and also historical sites, with its well-known and unique Waterpoort standing as the icon of the city.

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While the old town has lots for you to see and do, no browse through to Sneek can be complete without taking to the water at the very least once or twice; many individuals go kayaking or sailing on one of the many lakes that populate the area. Prior to avoiding, it is well worth checking out the Frisian Maritime Gallery to get a much deeper understanding of simply why seafaring is so essential to both Sneek and also the region’s identity.

4. Franeker
Extremely founded back in the 800s, the little city of Franeker has a number of interesting historical views for you to have a look at, with the globe’s earliest working planetarium its undeniable emphasize.

There is an extremely laidback ambiance to the area. Wandering around the city is a delightful affair, as you pass lots of gorgeous old brick buildings, canals, bridges, and parks. The very best time of year to see is during July, when the prestigious computer Franeker event is held. Viewing people play Frisian handball in the center of the city is an unforgettable experience, with everyone appearing to enjoy the activity.

5. Hindeloopen
Lying on the scenic coasts of the Ijsselmeer, Hindeloopen is a lovely location to see. Narrow, cobbled roads and also lovely block buildings lie alongside glittering canals that are crisscrossed by a collection of centuries-old bridges.

As the town was once a participant of the Hanseatic Organization, lots of riches as well as trade flowed with Hindeloopen; this just proceeded in the 17th and 18th centuries as the Dutch East India Business visited below on the way to Scandinavia.

Thus, there is great deals of lovely design to be found spread here and there, as well as fantastic views of the lake, canals, and houses. As a result of the wealth that poured into Hindeloopen, its individuals produced its own unique art, outfits, and culture, which are still obvious when walking town.

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6. Frisian Lakes
An incredibly popular visitor destination among residents, the Frisian Lakes number about 2 dozen in total, with the Sneekermeer, Tjeukemeer, and also Heegermeer being amongst the largest, essential, as well as most preferred.

Hing on the center as well as southwest of Friesland, the lakes bring in hordes of sailors every summer season. The surrounding area has lots of great hikes for you to find, as well as cute communities and also villages for you to stay at. Sailing on the lakes is a liberating experience, and also almost everywhere you go, you’ll be greeted with breathtakingly lovely nature.

7. Harlingen
Pushing the shore of the Wadden Sea, the small port city of Harlingen is a charming place to visit, with a plethora of interesting historic and also cultural sites for you to have a look at. Packed with old block storage facilities and also canal-side manors boasting unbelievable design, Harlingen is really stunning– and that lacks even having stated its lots of canals, gardens, as well as bridges.

For centuries, life has focused on its hectic harbor, as well as much of the city’s wealth has actually come from angling, shipping, and profession. Shipping still plays an essential duty in Harlingen’s identification, as well as simply resting near the docks as well as enjoying boats reoccur is a lovely way to spend some time while absorbing the quick ocean breeze.

8. Leeuwarden
Flaunting an attractive town hall packed with canals, townhouses, as well as cobbled streets, the capital of Friesland is a wonderful location to check out, with several hidden sides to it. As there more than 600 national monoliths provided in the city, there is numberless things for you to see; one of the most outstanding sights are Grote of Jacobijnerkerk, Oldehove, and also Waag– all charming buildings.

In addition to this, there are lots of fantastic museums available. The Fries Gallery is specifically worth looking into if you wish to find out more concerning the area’s rich background and also society.

Among the most effective means to explore Leeuwarden is to start a watercraft ride along among its several canals and also absorb the city’s views and also views as you go. With tons of superb bars, coffee shops, as well as dining establishments to be found alongside its breathtaking canals, Leeuwarden certainly has a whole lot going all out.

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9. Dokkum
With stunning churches, townhouses, and also bridges lining its canals, the prepared community of Dokkum is an excellent location to invest a day or 2. History enthusiasts in particular will thrill at seeing its old strongholds and barriers.

While the old design in the facility of Dokkum is an actual reward, there are also some remarkable windmills situated simply outside of town. These offer up the picture-perfect photo of the Netherlands as their sails revolve gradually over the canals and areas that lie next to them.

The town has lots of cozy coffee shops, bars, and also dining establishments for you to delight in some great dishes as well as wines at, in addition to some alluring shops as well as boutiques. Although there is a really kicked back feel about the area for most of the year, Dokkum entirely transforms throughout September, when a city-wide celebration celebrating Frisian culture and cuisine takes place. If you’re fortunate sufficient to check out during this month, you’re in for an actual reward.

10. West Frisian Islands
Existing between the Wadden Sea as well as the North Sea, the windy West Frisian Islands belong to an island chain which stretches all the way to the west of Denmark. They are an incredibly popular holiday destination amongst both residents and also foreigners alike. While several of the islands have camping websites and hotels for visitors to remain at, others are completely unoccupied and are composed totally of wild and tough nature gets.

Without a doubt, the archipelago boasts great deals of fantastic landscapes, which incorporate mudflats, dunes, marshes, beaches, and a lot more. These protect and also protect the natural environments of a variety of animals consisting of a number of populations of earless seals.

With captivating villages as well as farms concealed in the middle of the mesmerizing surroundings, the West Frisian Islands are wonderful to travel around. Biking is by far the most preferred activity but visitors can also go horseriding along the beach or go cruising in the surrounding waters.

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