10 Best Places to Visit in Limburg, Netherlands

Making up one half of the historic region of the same name (the western part is discovered in Belgium), Limburg is the southernmost district in the Netherlands. As it is rather various from the remainder of the nation, it is a fascinating location to check out.

Due partially to its distance to both Belgium as well as Germany, the district has a distinct background and also heritage, as well as many people talk Limburgish alongside Dutch. This abundant society is on program anywhere you enter Limburg; the best instance is located in the beautiful city of Maastricht– the undoubted crown jewel of the district.

With lots of rolling hillsides and old-time castles dotted concerning the countryside, Limburg is well worth taking a look at. Explore this distinct district with our checklist of the very best locations to see in Limburg.

1. Miljoenenlijn Heavy Steam Train
Boarding the Miljoenenlijn Vapor Train resembles stepping back in time. You’ll seem like a true-blue tourist as your train clacks along the tracks with steam rippling out from above the old locomotive.

It’s not only educate fans who will certainly delight in a sentimental ride in among its carriages. Running in between Landgraaf as well as Simpelveld, the steam train takes you with some attractive, sloping countryside, with lots of ranches and also areas to either side of you.

Pulling into one of the two stations really feels memorable as the whistle impacts and you grind to a halt. While guests make sure to appreciate the peaceful flight, you can contribute to the celebration by arranging to have English High Tea while watching the globe pass by the window.

2. Nationaal Park De Maasduinen
Incorporating whatever from sand dunes and also lakes to forests and also heathlands, Maasduinen National Park– as it’s known in English– is a great location to head to if you’re aiming to immerse on your own in nature. Existing ideal next to the boundary with Germany, the park extends in a long line.

Concealed among its various landscapes, you can discover camping websites and hiking trails to meander along peacefully. With lots of different fauna and flora to find, the surroundings changes before your eyes, as well as the vibrant colors of the heath and also forests contrast fantastically with the reflective waters of its lots of lakes.

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3. Thorn
Resting on the banks of the Meuse and Witbeek rivers, with great deals of various other lakes and rivers found nearby, the small town of Thorn is a picturesque place to see that has a really enchanting feel and look to it.

Known as the ‘white town’ since almost all of its structures are repainted white, Thorn teems with fantastic design, with its great abbey church being the emphasize of the whole lot. A charming means to see Thorn is to take a scenic watercraft trip from Wessem. Getting to the sparkling white community by water is an amazing experience as you see its structures appear in the distance.

4. Netherlands American Cemetery and also Memorial
Found simply a rock’s discard from Maastricht, the Netherlands American Burial Ground and Memorial is a sad area to go to, with a relatively countless range of white markers extending regarding the eye can see.

Set among flawlessly manicured green grass with singular trees turning up here and there, the white headstones are those of American soldiers that passed away dealing with the Nazis in the Netherlands in WWII.

Extremely thought-provoking to witness, the Netherlands American Cemetery and also Memorial is certainly worth a browse through; the calmness as well as silent that welcomes you as you get in is best for some calm reflection and also soul browsing.

5. National Forest de Meinweg
Bordering Germany in the east of the province, Meinweg National forest– as it is known in English– is residence to some definitely beautiful scenery. It’s an excellent location to go hiking, with lots of various varieties of animals and also plants to look for. Although it’s rather sloping, a number of fish ponds as well as woodlands can be found populated around the national forest, while slowly streaming streams and squealing brooks meander their method with the picturesque countryside.

In addition to all the fascinating scenery on show, Meinweg also flaunts over a hundred different varieties of bird, while boars, serpents, foxes, and also stoats can likewise be detected every so often.

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6. Drielandenpunt
Indicating ‘three-country point’ in English, Drielandenpunt is where the Belgian, Dutch, and also German boundaries integrated. Thanks to the Schengen Location’s open borders, you can state you have been to three countries in simply a couple of footsteps. Extremely enough, the tiny hillside upon which the boundary is located is really the acme in the whole of the Netherlands.

From atop of the nearby monitoring tower, you have a beautiful view out over the bordering countryside. While it only takes a number of minutes to see the monument that notes the Drielandenpunt, there is an enjoyable maze for you to try out right alongside it, and the lovely town of Vaals is well worth having a look at for its cozy coffee shops as well as laidback ambiance.

7. Venlo
Divided in two by the Meuse River that goes through it, Venlo is the second-largest town in Limburg after Maastricht as well as is a pleasant area to invest a day or two. While a lot of its historic center was damaged throughout the 2nd World War, there are some wonderful buildings as well as style for you to take a look at, with its attractive city center being the highlight of the whole lot.

Its beautiful city center has lots of great bars, dining establishments, and coffee shops on offer, and also its central square teems with outside balconies that are packed throughout the summer season. If you want to find out a bit more concerning Venlo and the surrounding region, it is well worth going to the regional background museum, which has great deals of interesting exhibits on art, artefacts, and archaeology from Limburg.

8. Roermond
One more city that rests on the banks of the Meuse River, Roermond lies in the center of Limburg, just a stone’s discard from the German border. Despite being founded right back in 1231, not all that several archaeological sites continue to be in Roermond as a result of WWII and an earthquake in 1992, although there are 2 lovely old churches for you to take a look at.

While Munsterkerk and also Sint-Christoffelkathedral are the undeniable highlights, the city’s dynamic facility is enjoyable to roam around, with lots of exterior terraces and also cafes to get a beverage at.

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As several lakes are clustered to either side of Roermond, there are lots of water sporting activities available, with cruising, windsurfing, swimming, as well as water snowboarding all popular activities. In summer, the city’s couple of coastlines have plenty of people absorbing the sunlight.

9. Valkenburg
With the atmospheric damages of an old castle ignoring the town, an adorable historic facility loaded with cafes and restaurants for you to take pleasure in, and 2 picturesque, small rivers surging their way between patched streets and beneath small bridges, it’s not surprising that the charming town of Valkenburg is a popular tourist destination.

While it’s absolutely a charming area to stroll around quietly while taking in its several charms, it is well worth checking out the surrounding countryside, which is home to some crumbling castle ruins, stately homes, as well as essential Dutch farmhouses. With several well sign-posted hiking tracks and bike paths for you to venture along, you can’t get shed, and the views is simply magnificent.

10. Maastricht
One of the most stunning cities in the whole of the Netherlands, Maastricht is a delightful location to go to, with a huge selection of great things for you to see and also do. Travelling to Limburg without stopping in Maastricht is practically criminal. Due to its distance to both Belgium and also Germany, the city has a really one-of-a-kind background, society, and also identification, as well as its modern as well as multilingual populace provides its streets an extremely vibrant feel.

While a myriad of great bars, restaurants, and also cafes line its patched streets, Maastricht’s main attractions are its wealth of amazing historical and also cultural sites. Although life in the city focuses on the lovely Vrijthof Square, St Servaas Basilica and Onze Lieve Vrouwebasiliek are likewise well worth checking out for the beautiful style.

Maastricht is wonderful to go to at any moment of the year, however its dynamic Royal prince Carnaval is an extraordinary event to go to as well as take part in; parades of brightly-costumed revelers take to the streets and music and also laughter ring out anywhere you go.

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