10 Best Places to Visit in Mongolia

Distinguished around the globe for its countless steppe, nomadic culture, as well as of course, Genghis Khan, Mongolia is a breathtakingly attractive location to discover that will certainly thrill nature lovers as well as outside enthusiasts alike.

While it is precisely for its wild as well as sturdy landscapes as well as unlimited nothingness that individuals check out Mongolia, the landlocked nation additionally has a number of beautiful towering lakes for you to delight in, in addition to towering mountains as well as the barren Gobi Desert.

Hidden away amongst the grandeur of the views are remote yurt camps for you to experience the time-honored practices of Mongolian nomads as well as their famous generosity and hospitality. Strategy your trip to this obscure Eastern travel destination with our checklist of the best locations to see in Mongolia.

1. Karakorum & Erdene Zuu Abbey
Once the funding of the Mongol Empire, Karakorum is a remarkable place that is definitely worth a visit if you’re interested in learning more regarding the background and also culture of the Mongols. Recognized to residents as Har Horin, the ancient city was checked out by Marco Polo right back in the 13th century. Nowadays, however, the once-great city is yet ruins, with unlimited sky and also steppe everywhere.

The major sight is the magnificent Erdene Zuu Monastery, which was constructed out of the remnants of the messed up city in 1585; the variety of stupas lining its lengthy wall surface absolutely do look unbelievable. Among the earliest surviving Buddhist monasteries in the nation, Erdene Zuu has 3 stunning temples, with great deals of lovely statues and also makings.

Besides this outstanding view, Karakorum has some smaller sized ruined stupas, structures, as well as archaeological sites for you to stray around, although these are decidedly much less stunning.

2. Terkhiin Tsagaan Nuur
Indicating ‘Great White Lake’ in English, Terkhiin Tsagaan Nuur is appropriately named, as its reflective waters magnificently mirror the skies and clouds over. Extending into the range, the lake’s relaxing waters are bordered by delicately rolling hillsides, and also the ideal views is perfectly complemented by the white yurts and also spreadings of equines that line its shores.

As a result of its remote nature, Terkhiin Tsagaan Nuur is an extremely tranquil place to camp for a number of nights. There are several excellent hikes you can do in the bordering area, with Khorgo Volcano particularly worth a check out.

On top of that, lots of people go horseback riding around the freshwater lake or reach the top of one of the neighboring hillsides for an also much better watch out over the beautiful surroundings.

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3. Orkhon Valley
Existing practically put bang in the middle of Mongolia, it’s in the breathtaking Orkhon Valley where the sacred mountain-forest of Otuken was thought to be. Ruling over the area where the forefather spirits stayed approved the leader the divine right to rule in the world. This meant that its belongings was considered to be definitely vital to each Turkic state that climbed, ruled, and also decreased among the steppe.

Subsequently, a riches of interesting historical sights and cultural spots clutter its hilly surface. The eighth-century Orkhon monoliths and also the Tuvkhun Hermitage are one of the most outstanding of the lot, together with the damages of Karakorum as well as Erdene Zuu Monastery.

There is something quite spiritual about taking a trip with the countless vacant landscapes bordering the valley; you hardly see one more spirit for days other than the groups of livestock and the herds of steeds that twist across the steppe in between the periodic yurt.

4. Genghis Khan Statuary Complicated
Just breathtaking, the massive sculpture of Genghis Khan atop his steed twinkles in the light as he imperiously keeps an eye out over all the steppe and also hills surrounding the facility. Towering to an elevation of 40 meters, the sculpture was integrated in 2008 to honor the 800th wedding anniversary of the founding of the Mongol Realm. Its large dimension and range are certainly suitable of the man that rose to rule such a big swathe of territory and also is a national hero in the country.

The Genghis Khan Statuary Complex exists around 50 kilometers beyond Ulaanbaatar When you arrive, you’ll locate keepsake shops, a dining establishment, as well as an archaeological gallery for you to check out. From the top of the horse’s head, you can appreciate some remarkable sights out over the surrounding countryside, and also a close-up sight of Genghis Khan looking out towards the perspective.

5. Ulaanbaatar.
Residence to practically half of the nation’s population, the expansive city of Ulaanbaatar is Mongolia’s funding, in addition to its social, administrative, and also industrial heart. Found in the delightfully named Valley of the Golden Cradle, at the factor where the Selbe and also Tuul Rivers satisfy, the city is an odd yet envigorating mix of metropolitan and nomadic lifestyles.

While its midtown is a bit of an eye sore, with Soviet-era buildings lying alongside modern-day monstrosities, there are some captivating old abbeys scattered regarding occasionally: Choijin Lama as well as Gandantegchinlen are the very best of the number and also concealed in the unlimited sprawl, you can still locate a yurt or two.

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When it pertains to its galleries and art galleries, Ulaanbaatar is genuinely honored. It is well worth investing a couple of days trawling its extensive collections and artifacts: the Bogd Khan Wintertime Palace and also Mongolia National Modert Art Gallery are especially delightful to browse.

6. Altai Tavan Bogd National Park
Covering a large area of area that includes whatever from the Tavan Bogd massif to the glittering lakes of Dayan, Khoton, and Khurgan, Altai Tavan Bogd National forest will thrill nature fans and outdoor fanatics alike.

Found in the western corner of the country, the national forest is residence to some of one of the most incredible views in Mongolia. The towering Tavan Bogd Mountains loom over the three large freshwater lakes that exist among them.

As a result of its remote place, there is a really unblemished and also pristine feel about the location, with lots of fantastic fauna as well as flora to uncover. You might be fortunate enough to see ibex, brownish bears, and also grey wolves, with magnificent gold eagles jumping overhead.

Besides the many spectacular landscapes that lend themselves completely to treking, rock climbing, river rafting, and also snowboarding, the park is also a wonderful area to head if you wish to acquire a deeper understanding and appreciation for nomad life: there are several Kazakh and also Tuvan households that you can either visit or stick with.

7. Khovsgol Lake
One of the biggest lakes in the entire of Mongolia, Khövsgöl is typically nicknamed ‘the younger sibling,’ due to its closeness to the renowned Lake Baikal that exists around 200 kilometers to its northeast in Russia. Surrounded by a glorious national park of the very same name that is home to lots of towering mountains and sweeping valleys, Khövsgöl Lake is set in a magnificent area.

While its waters are reasonably bad in regards to fish as well as aquatic life, Khövsgöl Lake extremely includes virtually 70 percent of the nation’s freshwater as well as was developed over two million years earlier.

In raw contrast to the shimmering lake, the national park boasts a wide range of wild animals. While hiking along its picturesque trails, you can often identify ibex, elk, and also the occasional brownish bear, with incredible sights of the lake as well as its several dramatic landscapes also on display.

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8. Hustai National Forest
Lying simply a short distance away from the resources of Ulaanbaatar, Hustai National Forest is a great place to head if you intend to see the prominent Mongolian steppe, while the gorgeous Khentii Hills add some selection to the surroundings.

Traveling with the national park is an absolute delight as you pass small herds of wild steeds making their way throughout the steppe with absolutely nothing else in sight apart from pale hills off in the distance.

The large expanse of nothingness is mind-blowing. While drinking in the magnificent landscapes to your heart’s web content is wonderful, there’s always a small sensation of alleviation when you lastly find a small cluster of yurts.

9. Gorkhi-Terelj National Forest
Among the most popular locations to see in Mongolia, Gorkhi-Terelj National Park’s alpine surroundings goes over. Its remarkable mountain heights are home to stunning valleys, roaring rivers, and also craggy rock developments, with enchanting yurt camps discovered occasionally. Thus, there are a plethora of great outdoor activities for you to check out, with hiking, rock climbing, and river rafting all being prominent leisure activities.

Horseback riding through the impressive surroundings is an unforgettable feeling and also really is a must if you want to have the essential Mongolian experience. Although parts of the park can get active as a result of its appeal and also proximity to Ulaanbaatar, most of its remarkable landscapes stay immaculate as well as unblemished.

With antarctic lakes, thermal springs, and a Buddhist abbey additionally on offer, Gorkhi-Terelj National forest actually is a natural heaven simply waiting to be discovered.

10. Gobi Desert
The rough, ruthless climes of the endless Gobi Desert absolutely aren’t for the chickenhearted; that’s what makes them so electrifying to explore. With unlimited dunes, ancient rock developments, and also desolate desert stretching out before you, venturing into the Gobi Desert is the experience of a lifetime.

Concealed among this grim yet oddly appealing landscape are a wide range of outstanding all-natural sights, with rugged cliffs, plunging canyons, and also spacious caverns all on show together with stunning desert sanctuaries and also saltwater rivers.

While the main attractions are the incredible vocal singing sand dunes of Khongor as well as the splendid surroundings of Yolyn Am and Dungeneegyn, you actually can not go wrong in the Gobi Desert (giving you stick to the path) as everything is just so majestic.

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