2021 BMW M4 Prices, Reviews, and Pictures


In 2021, the BMW M4 coupe is arguably one of the most radical designs in the company’s long and storied past. The two-door version of the all-new BMW M3 feature dramatically different bodywork, with a hilariously massive rendition of the famous kidney grille however, it’s M4 is also extremely powerful and appears to erase any performance record set by the predecessor. BMW is also sticking to its roots and continues to offer a manual-shift option with the latest generation. While the stick-shift doesn’t come standard on the Competition model however, the auto-only Comp comes with a stronger version of the renowned straight-six that produces 503 horsepower as opposed to the base version’s 473. Whatever the performance the 2022 M4 has the performance and handling to thrill drivers and pay homage to the old M cars. BMW’s incredibly sporty and brand-new coupe also made it on our Editors choice list for 2021.

What’s New for 2021?

The 2021 M4 is brand new and is the second generation. It has, however, taken over the previous M3 coupe. Although there’s a lot of controversy over its controversially huge kidney grille latest M4 features a number of notable improvements over the previous model. The first time ever, BMW is also offering the M4 with two doors that come with all-wheel drive which includes a rear-drive only mode that allows for a variety of antics, and a new type of driving style. But it isn’t available until 2022’s model year. It will also be available with the brand new convertible that has a fabric top model, which will be available in Competition version (a.k.a. there is no manual option) and will cost just 90k.

Pricing and Which One to Buy

There are plenty of excellent reasons to splash your money for the M4 Competition, including the more horsepower and torque, as well as the possibility of having all-wheel drive. But we’d recommend the regular M4 because of one important reason that is the only model that has a smooth manual transmission. We’d also recommend the lighter and more supportive M Carbon bucket seats as well as the M Drive Professional package (onboard drift analyzer and lap timer) as well as M Driver’s package. M Driver’s package, which allows for a faster top speed and comes with one-day training for driving with high-performance.

Engine, Transmission, and Performance

The M4 is driven by twin-turbocharged 3.0-liter inline-six engine that is available with two different power levels. The base model produces 400 horsepower, while the high-end version produces 473 horsepower. It also has 406 pounds of torque. It comes with rear-wheel drive as well as the manual six-speed transmission. The Competition model produces 503 horsepower as well as 479 lb-ftof torque, but the only option for transmission is an automatic eight-speed. Although M4 Comp will initially be offered with an eight-speed automatic, M4 Comp will initially only come using rear-wheel drive technology, BMW is expected to eventually launch an all-wheel drive system that is rear biased. Each M4 features adjustable dampers, adjustable brake-pedal feel as well as an electronic controlled exhaust system that becomes louder when you switch to Sport or Sport Plus drive modes. The volume can be adjusted anytime by pressing on the M Sound button. BMW also comes with an exaggerated amount of settings for the drive mode which we believe could muddle the experience of driving that BMW’s engineers had in mind. We were pleasantly surprised that our experience behind the rims of the M4 Competition of the M4 Competition showcased its tenacious acceleration and incredible cornering grip and its unwavering stability. We’re also thrilled to say that BMW has made the M4 more responsive to steering however don’t expect the same level of feedback as a two-door Porsche. The standard M4 is equipped with 18-inch front wheels , and 19-inchers at the rear, while the M4 Competition rolls on a staggered set of 19s in the front and 20s back. Both models have an carbon-fiber roof which reduces their weight and can be fitted with the carbon ceramic brakes that are fade resistant.

Fuel Economy and Real-World MPG

The EPA estimates that the 2021 M4 will achieve 16 mpg on the city roads and 23 milliliters per gallon in the open road. We haven’t yet had the chance to test one on our 75-mph fuel economy route, which forms part of our comprehensive testing schedule therefore we aren’t able to evaluate the real-world performance of this vehicle.

Interior, Comfort, and Cargo

While the M4 shares the identical interior layout and passenger space like the standard 4-series, it comes with a range of distinctive materials, including some options that are inspired by racing. The thick-rimmed steering wheel features two red buttons to customize M driving modes. The cabin can be upgraded with a variety of carbon-fiber trim and long paddle shifters that are that are mounted in the center of the column. The standard M sports seats are bolstered to a great extent and come with an illuminated logo and an integrated headrest and can be equipped with air conditioning at first in an M4. The carbon-fiber seats aren’t just stylish, they’re also more lightweight than normal seats and are able to be adjusted to a lower height. Although the back seat will not be as big as in the M3 car, the back seat isn’t one for torture, and has an additional inch of space than the previous.

Infotainment and Connectivity

Each M4 comes with a sleek-looking infotainment unit which features an impressive 12.3-inch touchscreen. It offers a myriad of controls that let the user alter the settings as well as navigate through menus using the voice command and controls located on the steering wheel as well as a huge rotary controller and buttons on the middle console. The M4’s system comes and comes with Apple CarPlay, Android Auto as well as an Harman Kardon audio system. For those who are looking for more advanced features are able to choose from numerous options like gesture controls and a Wi-Fi hotspot that is subscription-based as well as an wireless charging pad.

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